The tale behind Enchanted Mermaid Treasures

Enchanted Mermaid Treasures – who we are and what we offer

This site was created to offer the best mermaid-themed merchandise available online. Other sites only affiliate with one company. I’ve gathered together the best of what Amazon and Zazzle have to offer in mermaid products and movies.

With Amazon, you can stream mermaid entertainment with Amazon Prime, or purchase books and movies full of enchanted mermaid tales. They offer a wide variety of products for your home and office, and operate internationally in several different languages.

Zazzle has partnered with quality manufacturers to provide a variety of customizable products. The most popular items are related to weddings – break out those mermaid wedding dresses! Most orders ship within 24 hours of an order being placed. They ship worldwide and over the seven seas of lore.

About me

I’m a Pisces! Therefore I feel an affinity to the sea and the fantastic creatures who live in it. I have been a lover of mermaids for a long time. It started with Disney’s The Little Mermaid. How I longed to experience life under the sea! I still do, in fact. When I’m stressed, sometimes I’ll do a meditation where I’m swimming under the sea, free from all worries. When I travel, I always try to see an ocean, and to put my feet in water. My last vacation was to San Diego in 2014. My friends know of my love for mermaids and all things aquatic, so they took me to a few beaches.

An enchanted mermaid enjoying the sunset over the Pacific ocean
My artist website is Angela Boyko Art.

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