Celebrating Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Disney revitalized their animated film collection when The Little Mermaid debuted in 1989. Spirited Ariel joined the ranks of beloved Disney princesses with a splash of music and vivid red hair.

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Did you know?

The Little Mermaid was the last animated Disney film to use traditional hand-painted cel animation. Pixar’s computer-assisted production system became the norm with Beauty and the Beast.

The film won two Academy Awards in 1990, for Best Original Song and Best Original Score.

The Little Mermaid came out on VHS in May of 1990, selling over 23 million copies. As technology changed, it sold another 7 million on DVD. It is now available on Blu-Ray.

Disney had planned on a 3D reissue of The Little Mermaid but ultimately cancelled that project in 2013. Frankly, I think they should do it. I saw Finding Nemo 3D in a theatre, and I loved the depth that 3D animation brought to the underwater scenes.

During the 1990s, Disney had great success with live-action versions of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King on Broadway. In 2008, a live-action version of The Little Mermaid debuted. Sierra Boggess originated the role and moved around on Heelys while portraying Ariel as a mermaid. Audience response was positive while the critical reviews were mixed. The musical was costly to produce, and under-performed financially. Production closed on August 30, 2009 after 685 performances and 50 previews. Modified versions have been produced in Canada, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Moscow, Russia, and Japan. A planned national tour of the US never materialized, though regional versions did.